ASG Robotics OÜ ( is an Estonian company specializing in engineering and manufacturing production systems for various industries.

Our expertise areas are:

  • Production line elements, e.g., roller beds, turning tables, transfer cars, elevators, electrified monorail systems, assembly jigs, etc.
  • Ordinary robotic cells and advanced robotic cells with parametric motion planning.
  • Electric cabinets and control systems, PLC programming.

The ASG Robotics OÜ team has significant experience of cooperation with Ford, Nissan, Toyota, GM, Volkswagen, Caterpillar, Magna, and other medium and smaller production companies. The company’s track record includes over 850 completed projects since the year 2000.

Key competitive advantages of ASG Robotics are:

  • Cost-effectiveness combined with scientific justification.
  • Customized turnkey solutions, including design, production, installation, and commissioning;
  • Focus on customer needs.

Key values of our company are Quality, Safety and Time Management. We understand and support customers’ decision-making system as well as risk estimation system, and deliver high quality timely results.

ASG Robotics OÜ is a machine builder with a human face and personality. We improved our core competencies together with our customers and partners from automotive and many other industries. Our team of experts constantly develops and reinforces reasoning skills in solving complex problems, combining them with ideals of kindness, beauty and truth. Our professional engineering and manufacturing action is always focused on business needs of our customers.